Creative Birdhouses

Arent these cute? Don’t worry they are really easy to make and cost conscious. Most of the supplies you will need you probably already have except for the birdhouses themselves. I got theses at Joanns for $1.00 and the larger one is was a couple more dollars.

Things you will need: 1) Birdhouse , 2) Scrap paper of your choosing, 3) All purpose flower, 4) Warm water


  • 1) Mix your flower and warm water in a bowl. I like my mixture a little on the watery side because it’s not as clumpy after it dries and you don’t have to use a ton of flower. Just try not to make it too watery or too thick.
  • 2) Cut your paper of choice into strips
  • 3) Dip your strip of paper into your bowl and place on bridhouse making sure paper is pressed down tightly. Continue this step until birdhouse is covered (or to your liking).

I made these birdhouses for a close friend’s bridal shower because she had a bird themed wedding. These little birdhouses can also be used in and outside of your home.

Have Fun!

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